Breakfast is the meal most appropriate for health

Breakfast is the meal most appropriate for health
Nutritious breakfast in the morning will fill the back of the brain and body so that energy is also a day of activity become more fluent. That's why breakfast is not just important for adults but especially in children.

Research on the breakfast show children who often skip breakfast are more likely to miss school than children who routinely breakfast.
'After 8 hours of sleep, in morning glucose reserves would fall so that cause us difficulty concentrating, sleepy and less alert. If this is experienced by children in school certainly hampered its ability to capture lessons

The time invested to prepare a nutritious breakfast menu was actually very small compared with the benefits we get.
"The selected breakfast menu is the menu that should not be too heavy or excessive calories, but still important to note the composition of nutrients. Select the existing carbohydrate, fat, protein and vitamins,"

Examples of such nutritious breakfast of fresh bread and margarine added egg whites and a few vegetables. "If you do not want too much carbohydrate can be replaced by bread wheat,"

Another example is a bowl of oatmeal with banana slices and low fat milk. "Avoid the breakfast menu that is too much fried because it can increase levels of bad cholesterol,"

suggest that children are taught to breakfast early as possible, even since they began to recognize the solid food. "Breakfast menu for babies aged 6 months upwards of course adjusted for age, but still have the same nutritional composition and varied,"

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Benefits of Meditation For Health And Soul

About Meditation

In this world, whether sought by most people in his life? Actually, they want to find inner peace and harmony of life. Not a few among them tried to seek it, though maybe they do not know clearly what to look for, or maybe how to get it.

They often feel confused, feel encounter many inner turmoil and confusion. They were attacked by a variety of feelings that are not satisfactory or less please him. In short they do not get peace and prosperity in his mind. Most of them are then taking the wrong way to obtain inner peace and harmony of life. They tend to look and find out himself. As a result, this world is the source of all anxiety.

They are seeking to resolve problems within the family, inside job, or in association and so forth. They think that could change the situation around, they will become calm and happy.

Now have met many people who have realized the fact and turned away, that shows his attention to the real source of happiness and anxiety, is his own mind. Demonstrate attention to himself, in his own mind, this is called meditation.

Meditation nowadays implemented in many Western countries, and became a trend and a new lifestyle. They realized meditation is the soul exercises that can balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual person.

Research conducted by doctors Herbet Benson, a Harvard University professor who claimed meditation can inhibit the negative effects in the nervous system, providing fitness, lowers blood pressure and stress, blood circulation, improve organ function better, and tighten the skin. So people who meditate intensely not only physically but also psychologically healthy.

Based on the ancient knowledge combined with modern knowledge, meditation invites a person to understand about the body, mind and memory owned. Pemehaman serves to maintain health, cure disease and make the mind calm.

Activities of meditation is to understand or appreciate the nature of mind in everyday life. The mind is the key to happiness, the opposite is also a source of suffering / evil. To know and understand about the mind and use it carefully not to do with religion. So meditation can be performed by any person regardless of the complexion of his religion.

Benefits of Meditation

Indeed much can be done by everyone to get worldly pleasures in an environment full of bustle and confusion. If that were the case, why should we meditate? What is the point in us wasting time to sit still cross-legged with the lazy? In fact if you can perform meditation in a way that is true, then the meditation will be able to provide many benefits for yourself:

Some of the benefits that you can feel immediately is:

1) Sense of peace Meditation does not have to be a long process. You only need to close your eyes, still, pay attention to the body, and focusing on your breath. Within minutes, you will feel relaxed.

2) Clarity and focus, Over time, meditation helps you to concentrate better on each activity. You will be able to see things more objectively and clearly.

3) holistic health, meditation is good for you internally and externally. Many believe that meditation helps to heal and relax the body's organs. This benefit is one of them visible on the skin is more radiant.

4) Killer Stress, Meditation especially useful in times of grief, stress, and under pressure. Meditation allows you to release toxins and negative energy accumulation in the body, such as fear, worry, and anxiety.

5) Anyone can do it, you can meditate through directives given books, attend workshops, or buy a CD of meditation instructions. Meditation is an important tool to cope with stress and manage the responsibilities that come in every human life cycle.

6) Increase self-confidence, if you belong to people who have less self confidence, meditation can help you to gain self-confidence that is needed. Have confidence in yourself is the secret key to your success.

7) Eliminate doubts about religion, If you are hesitant and not interested in religion, the meditation can help you overcome those doubts so you can see the practical value of religious guidance.

8) Strengthen your memory, if you're a student, meditation can help create and strengthen your memory so if you learn to be more thorough and useful.

9) If you are a person who always enslaved by clinging five inderia, meditation can help you overcome lust and desire.

10) If you are a person who was always addicted to alcohol / intoxicants, by meditating you can realize and see how to overcome harmful habits that enslave and bind itu.Kebiasaan you.

11) If you earnestly carry out this meditation exercise, all the passions of your emotions do not have the chance to develop.

12) If you are a wise man, meditation will bring you into the consciousness of lebihtinggi and achieving "Enlightenment", you'll see things according to what it is (naturally).

Here are some practical benefits that can be generated in the practice of meditation. These benefits can not be found or found in books, much less can be purchased at the shop. Money can not be used to get it. You get it as a result of running the practice of meditation. You find in yourself that is in your mind.

Preparation For Learning Meditation


If you include a person who was studying meditation, you should choose a suitable place to practice meditation. Hindarkanlah place is too crowded, hectic day's work. Places such example can be a room, garden, or anywhere else quite bright. Try practicing in the same place and do not often change places. If you have developed, then you can practice meditation anywhere, even in places where you finish the job.


Left to choose its own meditation. Use the time that would not interfere with daily activities. However, usually people think that the best time to meditate is early morning between 04.00 to 07.00. Or in the afternoon between 17.00 to 22.00 hours. The meditators around the world they do meditation simultaneously starting at 21.00 for about 15 to 20 minutes.

If you already specify the time to meditate, use that time well. During that time, you 'must' use your will power to leave while all the busyness of everyday such as, work, pleasure, sorrow and anxiety. Betekadlah for diligent in performing regular meditation practice with every day. If you have advanced meditation, every time it is good to practice meditation. If you have reached this level, then the meditation is part of your daily life. In other words, meditation has become a habit of your life.


Perhaps you feel the need for a teacher or leader in the practice of meditation, because teachers will speed up your learning process. Actually it is not easy to find teachers who are good and appropriate to teach meditation to you. If you have a friend who is experienced in meditation, try to discuss with him first. If you have a book on meditation, read the first book. She is your teacher.

If you've got teachers, know that the teacher is your friend and guide. He can not do meditation for you. He can not free yourself, if you are able to organize and focus the mind, and then develop a strong consciousness, that is what will be your teacher. In fact, your current teachers have been in yourself.

Attitude Sitting

In practicing meditation, you are free to choose the attitude of sitting. You can cross-legged with a cross, overlap or parallel. You can also fold the legs to the side. Importantly, the legs should not be rigid, should be loose and relaxed. Instead, take the posture of the most delicious and easiest. Sit with a relaxed, do not lean, the back should be upright but not stiff or tense, the body should be straight and balanced, upright neck, mouth and eyes closed. Posture during meditation should always be careful not to hurry sleepy.

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Carbohydrates for athletes

prosperous greetings to all readers of this blog I hope you all are healthy and happy always, this time I will discuss some of the carbohydrates for athletes

myth that reducing carbohydrate in the diet to increase athletic performance. The reality is that people who train or participate in sports need to practice what is called a carbohydrate or glycogen loading to meet the needs of their daily carbohydrates.

Research on carbohydrate loading glycogen or conclude that supports this practice, and reported that the loading can make a big difference in how a person do provided it is practiced correctly.

Improved performance will be to the tune of 2-3% which seems to make it a valuable practice. There are some athletes who believe that taking carbohydrates make them run faster than they otherwise could.

As a matter of fact a high calorie needs, and demanded that the people who regularly do training and stuff. It also must be learned that dietary nutrition / diet is way higher and different for people who are active in their metabolism rates are much higher than normal people.

that avoiding carbs help you lose weight faster is another myth. More and more people began in a low-carbohydrate diet as they begin to believe that the easiest way to be thin more quickly. Although there is no doubt that low-carb diets can help in weight loss is quicker because the loss of water, cut carbs from your diet is something that should never have switched to.

Carbohydrate-ups do help fill the glycogen / muscle loss and offerings that help you to continue the training session.

Complex-carbohydrate including bread, potatoes and pasta can burn very quickly so as to provide ready to be used to direct fuel and coach experts recommend a diet that includes carbohydrates flour that provides instant fuel and they should contribute about 60% of caloric intake.

There is a specific protein needs for not-so-physically active individuals and studies have shown a mixture of carbohydrate foods helps the balance of individuals even if they require nutrisi.mix between carbohydrate protein shake is quite popular. However this shakes accompany with other health and fitness products to meet the daily nutritional needs.

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Dark Chocolate to Health Benefits

in this world who does not know to eat this one "brown" food is almost a fatherly pavorit all circles

A scientific study shows health benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Chocolate can help you when you feel low. This helps the body release endorphins that lift your mood. Chocolate save you from depression because it has some elements of anti-depressants such as neuro-transmitters and serotonin. There are several other chemicals like phenylethylamine simulation properties. The amount of chemicals contained in chocolate is expected to more than three hundred.

For those, who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems, chocolate can be a good choice because it increases the respiratory system. To some extent it can help in reducing joint inflammation. Chocolate good for the heart because it helps control cholesterol levels and lowered heartburn. It regularises bowel movements and helps maintain system settings ekskretoris.Tidak caffeine harmful to the body.

Sugar-free chocolate can be enjoyed by diabetics without any problems. Even chocolate helps fight diabetes. Dark chocolate also has a lot of flavanols that increase cell sensitivity to insulin. This benefits people with diabetes. This sets the level of bloodsugar because it has a low glycemic index similar to that of the oatmeal, which is one of the popular breakfast. Blood circulation will also be upgraded as your blood vessels healthy. If you're in love with dark-brown, it's good for the gums and teeth as well.

Raw Dark chocolate contains no trans fats or gluten. Trans fats increase cholesterol and the risk of heart attack.

Chocolate has a high content of anti-oxidants and free radicals that are good for skin and hair. People realize the benefits of chocolate in the beauty and health as well and that is the reason why chocolate is gaining popularity facials. Relaxing massage at the spa is being done with oil extracted from cocoa beans. This is a great stress reliever medication for people following a busy lifestyle.

Chocolate has a bad reputation that sweet and unhealthy. But we must realize that it is sweet milk chocolate is to blame. If dark chocolate a part of our daily needs will certainly help our bodies stay fit and work. So next time when you ponder over having to brown, make sure you choose a dark brown.

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Benefits And Effects Eggs For Healthy

This time I'll share a little knowledge about the benefits and health effects of eggs fatherly Who does not know the food on this one "egg" is the result of fertilization of the chicken oval-shaped crustaceans


• eating eggs regularly is very good fatherly eye health.
• eggs are rich in protein and amino acids that are very good to strengthen the muscle tissue
• eggs contain choline which may help brain function and cardiovascular system
• eggs contain vitamin D are good fatherly develop bone
• There A study has shown that eating 6 eggs a week lowered the risk of breast cancer by almost 50%.

eggs are rich in nutrients, like vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids actually less. People often avoid eating eggs that are produced commercially for fear that the cholesterol-rich foods will go straight to the heart .so I’ll recommend to eat organic eggs

if you are a pregnant woman is recommended to not eat the eggs of commercial because commercial chickens are usually always in injecting hormones or antibiotics that can produce more eggs and its effects will affect the hormones in humans who eat them

I hope all these articles can help you who want to understand about the benefits and health effects of eggs to warm greeting Sammy andaresta

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Yam Benefits for Healthy

The fruit is like a tuber and mostly white, except it tastes good too fresh yam there are many benefits to healthY for all further please read the following article


• yam also believed to increase appetite by improving the body's metabolic system
• yam in trust to treat neurological disorders associated with high blood sugar and
• if the eating of yam dapt regularly treat several chronic diseases such as asthma sepertiarthritis etc.


• yam can be used for menstrual cramps and reduce pain during menopause
• yam to treat morning sickness and nausea in pregnant women
• yam can be used for therapy raise breast size with massage the entire way in the women's breasts

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History And Nutritional Value of Potatoes

Warm Greetings to my loyal readers are not bored Bosa his return wrote an article for my health and this time I will tell you a little about the history and nutritional value of potatoes

History of potato
Potatoes came from Peru State located on the west coast of America for the first time in potato find there are various shapes and colors in between his blue, red, purple, gold, brown and round, long, oval and pear-shaped

It turned out that the history of potatoes already exist at the time because interest inka empire known as a great farmer and at the potato has become a staple food of the gods and their inka tribes began planting potatoes on the side of a steep hill is to provide more land for cultivation of potatoes as in full there surrounded by steep hills which are now called the sacred valley

In those days the tribe inka start creating ways to dry the potatoes by placing potatoes on altitude for three days so the potato can be warm during the day by sunlight after trying this process was its satisfactory results with simple maintenance of potatoes can survive for many years and makes it easy to store his ship
If you are traveling in Peru you will find that the potato is rich with embedded into the culture of Peru and gastronomy potatoes may not really well-balanced meals, but when prepared properly have the basics of good nutrition. There you will find many villages where local people base their diets mainly on potatoes much as it did in the days of their ancestors, the Incas. Peruvian Cuisine Seeing some of the most famous dishes such as Lomo Saltado is a feature of potatoes. Potatoes now may be a dietary staple throughout the world and will forever be in the cultural heart of Peru.

nutrient value in the potato is vitamin C, B1, B3, and B6 minereal such as potatoes also contain potassium, magnesium and phosphorus content of protein in potatoes is very high if compared with other types of bulbs

so I hope this article from the history and nutritional value of potatoes to increase your knowledge glad to share the feeling of her warm greeting here sammy andaresta

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