Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Kiwi

Hello how are you today? Hopefully doing well and healthy always, this time I'll share a little info about the nutritional value and health benefits of kiwi

While many pieces feature one or two nutrients in their profile, kiwi offers a variety of unusual substances that promote healthy. In addition, the kiwi is a source of vitamin E, which is unusual as most important sources of this vitamin, such as nuts and oils, high in both fat and calories. Kiwi contrast offers a rich bounty of nutrients to only about 93 calories for 2 kiwi. In fact, the calories per nutrient, kiwi has only 3.8 calories per nutrient. Of the 27 fruits tested, only melon (2.6), papaya (2.8), strawberry (2.5), and lemon (2.5) has fewer calories per nutrient.

Offers a rich bounty of Vitamin C - more than an amount equivalent to orange - the kiwi can be relied upon to help neutralize free radicals that damage cells, ultimately leading to inflammation and cancer. Vitamin C has such an important role in so many body functions, including immune system and prevent diseases associated with so many, from asthma and atherosclerosis for osteoarthritis and colon cancer, that it is not surprising that high consumption of foods containing vitamindikaitkan with decreasing risk of death from all causes including cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Kiwi fruit improve heart health by lowering levels of triglycerides and reduce platelet hyperactivity, which in turn seems to play a role in the development and stability of vascular atherosclerotic plaque. Vitamin C and E in kiwi combined with polyphenols and magnesium, potassium, B vitamins and copper acting all to protect the cardiovascular system. In one study in Oslo, Norway the people who eat 2 or 3 kiwis per day for 28 days reduced their platelet aggregation response - or the potential for clot formation - by 18% compared with those who ate kiwi no. In addition, people also enjoy a drop of kiwi eaters triglycerides by 15% compared with controls.

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