History And Nutritional Value of Potatoes

Warm Greetings to my loyal readers are not bored Bosa his return wrote an article for my health and this time I will tell you a little about the history and nutritional value of potatoes

History of potato
Potatoes came from Peru State located on the west coast of America for the first time in potato find there are various shapes and colors in between his blue, red, purple, gold, brown and round, long, oval and pear-shaped

It turned out that the history of potatoes already exist at the time because interest inka empire known as a great farmer and at the potato has become a staple food of the gods and their inka tribes began planting potatoes on the side of a steep hill is to provide more land for cultivation of potatoes as in full there surrounded by steep hills which are now called the sacred valley

In those days the tribe inka start creating ways to dry the potatoes by placing potatoes on altitude for three days so the potato can be warm during the day by sunlight after trying this process was its satisfactory results with simple maintenance of potatoes can survive for many years and makes it easy to store his ship
If you are traveling in Peru you will find that the potato is rich with embedded into the culture of Peru and gastronomy potatoes may not really well-balanced meals, but when prepared properly have the basics of good nutrition. There you will find many villages where local people base their diets mainly on potatoes much as it did in the days of their ancestors, the Incas. Peruvian Cuisine Seeing some of the most famous dishes such as Lomo Saltado is a feature of potatoes. Potatoes now may be a dietary staple throughout the world and will forever be in the cultural heart of Peru.

nutrient value in the potato is vitamin C, B1, B3, and B6 minereal such as potatoes also contain potassium, magnesium and phosphorus content of protein in potatoes is very high if compared with other types of bulbs

so I hope this article from the history and nutritional value of potatoes to increase your knowledge glad to share the feeling of her warm greeting here sammy andaresta

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