Tips For Lowering Cholesterol Levels in Your Body

Greetings to all loyal readers of this blog, this time I will share some tips for lowering cholesterol levels in your body you may already know that high cholesterol levels can lead to increased stroke and heart disease
Its actually quite easy to overcome this is by making lifestyle changes by diet and regular exercise is very useful for those of you who have high cholesterol levels, for more information, please read all the articles below

1.Organized Sports
The first condition for lowering cholesterol levels is by usually sport, with regular light activity at least 30 minutes per day as the gym, jog, walk in the park, even cleaning the house of course these are just some examples for light exercise and Another much way to do it

2. regularly consume foods with a lot of fiber such as soluble fiber.
Fiber can absorb cholesterol well and also can restore your body's immune system to get it pretty easily because there is soluble fiber in foods that we often encounter every day like pears, nuts, apple, plum and raw vegetables that we eat every day often

3. routinely consume fish have much omega 3
salmon, today, tuna, sardines are many species of fish that contain omega 3 with routinely consuming the fish on at least 3 times a week

4. Include vitamin B3 in the diet
known potent vitamin B3 helps lower cholesterol levels are usually vitamin B3 are found mainly in wheat, corn, peanuts, chicken and turkey

5. Reduce intake of saturated fatty acids.
Reduce intake of fatty acids in the body by replacing butter with olive oil if you want to fry something and reduce the consumption of red meat and recoup with fish or turkey, but as much as possible to avoid fried foods in

6. quit smoking
If you are an addict to stop doing his best cigarette habit will be very difficult to do though is slowly

A few articles I hope to help those of you who have problems with high cholesterol problems

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herbal remedies said...


I think Eating the right foods and exercising can have a positive impact on your cholesterol level and help you to reduce cholesterol.

You have posted nice and informative post,Thanks for sharing..

Raven レイヴン said...

hmmm... I'm including people who are lazy to exercise ^ ^

atkins diet said...

Hi, thanks for the advice. My blog is just a small one and I was hoping to have more readers in the future. So, I'll keep your tips in mind and I'm sure that would be a great help.

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