Seaweed Healthy Foods And to Treat Various Diseases

Seaweed contains the same minerals and elements as human blood and is integrated into the living tissue of sea grass. Like the seaweed is organic (easily broken) and natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients vital base in such a form assimilable, this wonderful sea vegetable that big nutritional benefit and really is a natural vitamin supplements as a whole.

Seaweed has been confirmed as one of Nature "all-round pharmaceutical miracles" with claims that it can solve everything from the ward and treat some cancers, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, thin the blood, prevent ulcers, kill bacteria and even cure constipation.

Some seaweeds, particularly certain varieties of wrack has been the subject of scientific research for many years in connection with certain medical conditions in which they have been found not only has therapeutic value, but it is a strong nutrition component in various kinds of treatments.

Over the past few years seaweed has been used as part of a protocol for the extraction of mercury amalgam detoxification and can help where there is evidence of mineral imbalance and thyroid disorders.
The thyroid gland directly affects metabolism and regulates many other bodily functions. This requires iodine to operate smoothly and seaweed is a rich source.

In ancient Egypt seaweed used as a treatment for patients with breast cancer but the modern use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy makes the health benefit of seaweed far more obvious because it provides a natural detox.

Cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease is any medical conditions that are familiar in our modern society and the link has been frequently made to a high salt intake. Very small amounts of salt as a whole, ideally in the form of seaweed has been proven as an antidote to excess sodium consumption.
In addition, seaweed may prove useful for bronchitis and other respiratory infections because it is a natural multivitamin contains soothing, mucilaginous gel that specifically rejuvinate the lungs and digestive tract.

Another problem seaweed can assist by helping the body to maintain acid / alkaline balance in the blood, lymph nodes and cells. Modern diets tend to support the carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which all could be a surplus of acid deposits if our bodies do not have the means to complete their metabolism. Often this produces food allergy and intolerance, with acids build up in the system which is the cause of heartburn, indigestion, and ulcers. Seaweed can neutralize acids so that they can be safely eliminated and help restore balance.

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