Efficacy and Benefits of Grapes

The fact that the grapes have been impossible without the Roman and Greek populations - the cult ceremonies? Maybe the fact that grapes earned an extremely high respect for all peoples in all times? Grapes were grown since ancient times, almost all over the world. Archaeological discoveries show that the wine making has been cultivated since before the 6-7 thousand years in Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Central Asia. One of the oldest knowledge of the grapes came from Georgia. There find the fragments of amphorae, decorated with grapes ornaments, dating to about 6000 m. Ave. Cr.
The first data indicate that the grapes were grown in wine making. Vines mentioned in a number of ancient documents. Vines have been well known in ancient Egypt and Israel, and is mentioned in the Old Testament. Grapes were grown and produced wine of Egypt and the Mesopotamian civilization, it has been known in many ancient cultures, prevalent in ancient Persia, the Mediterranean countries.
After all, the oldest legend is that Noah planted grapes Arar after the flood. The Bible is a whole lot of stories about what happens if more grapes tasting. Grapes - was a favorite Greek Dionysian Idol fruit. The legend tells that the famous Greek painter so vividly painted grapes that the birds began fly to try their taste.
The following calculation can be said that the grapes counts 10 thousand. About grapes created a lot of legends, tales. The Greeks told that long time ago, a shepherd named Estafilos, a lost sheep found eating an unknown plant leaves and fruits. The Romans says that the first grapes planted Saturn. To some purpose every nation where the grapes grow, honored to tell the history of their wine. But after all,from many legends nothing changes - grape is just grape which gives us pleasure !
Is the Hippocratic right?
The famous Greek physician Hippocrates said that the grape juice and breast milk is equivalent to the products and their nutritional benefits of the human body. Grapes The best ! - a truly unique combination of fruit, not just a special unique taste but and chemical composition. Scientists have discovered- in the grapes are 150 biologically active substances. Grapes rich in carbohydrates, sugar (18-20 percent)., Organic acids (citric, oxalic, malic, tartaric, etc..), Potassium salts, calcium, magnesium, iron (0.5 to 0.6 mg per cent.) Cobalt , pectin, tanning materials, provitamin A, vitamin C, P, PP, B vitamins, folic acid number, seed - oil.
Particularly useful are nutritious grape juice : 1 liter of grape juice calorific value equivalent to 1.5 liters of apple or peach juice, 650 grams to 1 kg of beef or fish.
The energy received by a person eating 1 kg of grapes as much as 800 calories. Thus, 4 kg of fresh grapes or raisins 1kg can provide energy throughout the day. What to look for: As grapes age, they begin to shrivel. Feel the grapes; they should be plump and turgid, not soft. Hold a bunch up and give it a gentle shake: no grapes should fall off. Then you will have the best grapes !
The best with : honey, yogurt, in salads or savory meat dishes.

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